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It gets better

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Published on July 13th, 2011 @ 01:05:50 pm , using 471 words, 41 views
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This is directly related to the previous post, just something I thought I'd point out directly since it relates to the recent Presidential Orders.

Gunwalker and Fast & Furious show pretty clearly that the BATFE can't keep track of firearms once the cartels get their hands on them. When they start with full knowledge, directly authorizing a sale, they can't manage to keep tabs on more than about 15% and that's with only around 2000 firearms involved. Yeah, in their own programs, supposedly a well planned and organized law enforcement project, they lost track of over 1600 out of 2000 firearms.

So with that background the President has now issued an order for the BATFE to require FFL's in the SW border area to report any buyer who purchases two or more of some of the most popular rifles on the market. Sure, they're also popular with the cartels, but the FFL's already report suspicious buyers and lately the BATFE has been telling them to make the sale even when the FFL doesn't want to because they believe it is an illegal purchase. The ONLY change is that now the FFL's will be forced to report sales they don't view as suspicious. They'll be reporting them to the agency that can't manage to keep track of their own projects, resulting in the death of at least one US Border Patrol Agent and one Mexican agent. Probably quite a few others, but those are directly tracked to these firearms the BATFE forced sales of so they could attempt to track the guns.

Several internal memos between senior members of the BATFE make it clear they are focused on compiling data, real or otherwise, to support a political agenda. The specific goal discussed was to advance Executive Orders or legislation against common and popular firearms. These aren't machine guns, they aren't assault rifles, they aren't military rifles, they're the most popular sporting rifles in America. When I go to the range more often than not everyone there has at least one of these guns with them for target shooting and I live in one of the most restrictive States around. These are rifles made by big gun companies, small private companies... We're not talking one or two military contract supported companies, though they make these civilian rifles as well.

The BATFE has a specific mandate, one it has shown it not only cannot handle but actively violates and ignores in pursuit of a political agenda it is not legally allowed to have. I have written my US Senators and Congresscritters about this and hope you do the same. It's not just about gun control, it's about multiple branches of our government committing illegal acts in pursuit of an agenda aimed squarely at removing Constitutionally protected rights. If that doesn't scare you then I don't know what will.

Project Gunwalker And Fast and Furious

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Link: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=1206153

The link goes to a thread on the ar15.com forums where articles, analysis and commentary has been compiled since this began. I won't rehash everything there, suffice to say the evidence keeps growing, the cover up keeps being applied and crumbling, and the recent presidential executive orders relating to gun control just make it more and more obvious what the real goals are and have been.

If you want to read all the random comments and such feel free to read all 100+ and growing pages here.

Comments and Spam

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Published on June 27th, 2011 @ 12:22:54 pm , using 140 words, 65 views
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First, if you ever posted a legit comment and it didn't get accepted, my apologies. The amount of spam comments is crazy. For that reason I am changing how comments work. If you have an actual comment, not a spam promotion for your own site, email it to me via the contacts link at the bottom. If you have contact information for me from other places, that works too. This is a purely manual method to weed out the bots.

Please make sure you reference the article you are commenting on so I can place your comment in the right spot, and include whatever Name/title/source you want it credited to. If I don't get any info about who it's from I'll just use the first part of the sending email address (leaving out the domain to avoid spammers targeting you).

Disgusting amount of lying and spin

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Link: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/06/14/mexico.guns/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

This is an old story, that has been picked apart multiple times. It's basically an anti-gun propaganda piece that twists the facts, outright lies, and attempts to divert readers from the truth to further a particular agenda.

Fact 1. The 70% number (down from 90% or so they originally claimed) is explained in passing. They want you to miss or not understand the comment where they clarify that it is 70% of the guns which the Mexican government asks the US government for details on. This makes it a meaningless number since we don't know how many they asked about. 10? 1000? A million? There is also no information on what percentage those guns represent of the total recovered by the Mexican authorities. In the past other sources have shown that the percentage is fairly small, though not insignificant. The type of firearms is also generally mis-represented. Again, this is for the anti-gun crowd to use as propaganda. If they can make it seem like the machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers and other military grade hardware was purchased here due to our "lax" gun laws they can move public opinion enough to pass laws they want. The facts are different.

Fact 2. The most dangerous weapons used by the cartels originally belonged to the Mexican government. Police, military and other agencies lost these weapons either through raids, ambushes, theft or defections. Quite a few of these get included in the 70% above because our government provided or sold them to the Mexican government at some point in the past, or they are American made hardware and the Mexicans are hoping we still have the paperwork since they lost theirs. For example, their military and police use quite a few variations of the M16 platform. These weapons are primarily made by Colt, in Hartford, CT. Even if the only US government involvement is approving the export of these firearms to Mexico it will still have records and can still ask Colt for information as needed to verify serial numbers and dates of production and sale.

Fact 3. This article ignores the Gunwalker inquiry, which would seem to be a pretty important part of any story involving US firearms in cartel hands. There is quite a bit of speculation that a side goal, or even a primary goal, of that program was to further the anti-gun agenda by increasing the number of US purchased weapons in cartel hands along the border, particularly the number recaptured and easily proven to be purchased at US gun stores rather than stolen from homes. The Gunwalker program forced gun stores to violate the law and allow straw purchasers to buy various weapons. The ATF then planned to track these weapons (but neglected to actually install any kind of trackers) to the cartels in Mexico and use that as a way to locate and prosecute more senior members. Gun stores that objected were threatened with losing their FFL, jail, extra audits... Basically the government bullied them into violating the very laws they (the ATF) is in existence to enforce.

The speculation is that the other goal of this program, since the first one is already illegal and poorly planned and executed, was to create false flag incidents for use in the ATF's anti-gun agenda in cooperation with other anti-gun political groups. This would have worked quite well when a Border Patrol Agent got killed with one of these firearms except that an honest agent decided he'd had enough of the lies and broke the wall of silence on the operation. Suddenly the truth was out there for the world to see. The gun used wasn't simply one of a flood moving from US gun stores due to weak laws, but a deliberate and illegal transfer by the ATF. I don't think anyone is saying the slain agent would still be alive without the Gunwalker program, but his death and the honesty of the ATF agent who came forward mean we at least know part of the truth and are finding out who was responsible for that weapon being there.

Fact 4. The vast majority of Americans do not support additional gun control or would prefer fewer or more practical laws. Unfortunately a majority of that majority simply aren't politically active because they're busy with their jobs, families and other concerns. They don't like being lied to, though, whether by a "news" service or their elected officials.

What's left?

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Link: http://sentencing.typepad.com/sentencing_law_and_policy/2011/06/are-severe-mandatory-minimums-for-certain-gun-crimes-especially-problematic-after-heller.html

When the legal system fails us, when it's actively being used against the honest and good people in our community, when a scum bag criminal can successfully turn the tables through the police and courts on his victims, it is time to make some changes. I'm not talking "Hope and Change" I'm talking a fundamental change in our legal system.

Honestly, the only thing the gentleman did wrong (though calling the police RIGHT THEN, even before he had to get his firearm, would have been smart) was not killing the criminal. If you are in fear for your life or the life of another you don't go for a stalemate, you end the situation right then. The way the law has worked over the years you open yourself up to just this kind of stupidity because if you feared for your life you are expected to go all out, not exercise care and consideration.

If you have to draw a firearm when dealing with a criminal you are almost always better off in a legal sense if you kill your assailant. It's not nice, it shouldn't be that way, but that's how the law works out most places.

Hopefully this gentleman has learned that the court system is not his friend and is not interested in actual justice. Even more hopefully he wins on appeal and the law is changed as a result, there are provisions where a jury can negate or modify a law that is found to be improper.

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