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Cover Up is Un Covered

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Published on July 26th, 2011 @ 07:22:43 pm , using 9 words, 27 views
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More news on the ATF hearings

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Link: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1145029_ATF_Gunwalker__Part_1_of_testimony_p130__Whitehouse_implicated____ATFReport_on_twitter_.html

I've posted this link before, but they changed their system so it's more search friendly. There's also a lot more info in the thread than last time. I also encourage everyone to stop by http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/ regularly.

Things are definitely getting interesting and I encourage EVERY AMERICAN TO BE AWARE. This is not just about guns or drug cartels, this is about systemic lies, deception and agenda pushing in a government agency meant to be upholding the laws as passed by congress. This is about retaining our freedoms and rights as people in the face of government corruption that goes to the highest levels. The congressional hearings have already exposed a great deal more than many of us expected when things first started. They have pushed through the surface and are exposing more and more layers of this cesspool.

This is at least as important as the budget and debt issue, though in a very different way. Fifty years from now the debt issue will be a footnote in history but the outcome of these hearings may very well determine whether we continue as a country of free men and women or continue down the path to being government controlled serfs. Don't get me wrong, we're not even close now, despite the rhetoric of many folks. The key is that we retain the right to keep and bear arms (not to mention arm bears, which is fun but a bit scary). For many years gun owners, gun shop operators and gun manufactures have watched the BATFE push an anti-gun agenda down our throats beyond anything mandated by the laws passed by congress. Any objections lead to being ruined and often jailed by the BATFE even if they had to fabricate the charges or make up new rules and regulations after the fact so they had something to charge you with.

Well, this time the ones voicing the objection can't be intimidated or threatened with the power of the BATFE because they are members of congress. It's tougher to destroy the livelihood of a congressman than a gun store owner or manufacturer. No midnight raids to arrest and jail the annoying voices for six months while charges are considered and argued using made up rules that even the judge can't get you to present. In case that doesn't make sense, in many cases the judge has asked the ATF for a copy of the rules regarding a decision the ATF made that determined that the accused was guilty of a crime. The ATF has almost never complied or delivers redacted copies or copies from many years ago. Essentially they argue that something is illegal because they say so, even if they said it was legal last month when you asked and received permission before starting work.

Basic preparations for life's little interruptions

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As some folks know, I was a boy scout and continue to be a firm believer in "be prepared". This doesn't mean a bomb shelter and five years of MRE's with a hazmat suit. Well, I guess it could, if you had way more money than sense, but in practical terms it means thinking about what's important to continuing your daily life with minimal problems when life/nature throws you a curve ball. Whether it's your bank failing on no notice, a natural disaster striking your neighborhood or your whole town, or even your whole area of the country, a little preplanning can help a lot.

Any service provided by an outside source, such as city water, electricity, natural gas, food, gasoline... can and will be unavailable very quickly during and after a major event. It can be as simple as the water supply being contaminated and electricity out for a day. It could also be as serious as no power, water or gasoline in your area for a week or more. Sure, a truck a day arrives for gas, but it's selling for $5 a gallon, there's a line a mile long, and your vehicle's under a fallen tree anyway...

Luckily, for the vast majority of these problems there's an easy solution that doesn't really effect our daily lives. Figure out what you need for a few days without any outside support and make sure you've got it. A grill with an extra propane tank or two becomes your stove. A generator keeps your refrigerator running and some other essentials, just make sure you've got gas and a few things like spare spark plugs, fuel filters, maybe a line, the tools and instructions for changing them and a light that will work so you can see. The power always seems to go out after dark, it's just annoying like that.

Food is easy, figure out a menu you and your family can live on for a few days, 3 is the government suggested minimum. I prefer a week which unless you're experienced at food planning will probably turn into 3 or 4 days anyway. Go simple, the less cooking needed the better. Preferably nothing that requires refrigeration and is easily prepared for your size group with minimal effort. My friends and family know my diet, so let's just say I've got a lot of pasta and sauce supplies. It's not ideal, boiling significant water is not the most efficient solution, but for other reasons I'm less concerned with my cooking fuel supply than most should be. Don't forget things like condiments and those other little details that are used in cooking. Buy a little extra of anything suitable every time you shop. An extra case of Slimfast or Carnation instant breakfast (premade bottles) is an easy supplement to your pantry that can help maintain a balanced diet while dealing with whatever interrupted normal life.

Plan on lots of physical activity, these kinds of problems usually include a lot of work on the house, yard, helping neighbors... Don't plan on a 1000 calorie diet, figure on 3500 and when it's overkill you're not going to be running short or can help out a neighbor who's not prepared. Don't forget plenty of fluids. Water is fine, but pick up sports drink mixes, the kind that actually hydrate and provide calories. You can dilute it quite a bit, or just get the powder and make it yourself in whatever strength you want. On a really hot day, working hard, you literally cannot drink enough straight water to stay hydrated, plan accordingly. Plan on water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and a few other random tasks like washing injuries and such. A rain barrel makes a good water source for basic rinsing and if handled properly can be used for cooking and cleaning, saving your more pure sources for drinking and injuries, or a final rinse after using the rain water for initial cleaning. There are plenty of sources for information on treating water, bleach and a good water filter can turn pond water into Poland Springs for all intents and purposes.

A home first aid kit is more than just bandaids, assume no medical services for at least a few days, the government says 3, but the reality is that it can be significantly more even in just a local problem, particularly if your injury is not life threatening. The limited aid will be handled by triage and if you won't die without help you're at the end of the line. A number of companies offer what is called an IFAK by the military. Individual First Aid Kit. It's got things in there probably won't know how to use, but maybe someone else does... An EMT run out of supplies, a retired medical professional living next door... The rest is primarily bleeding control. Being able to control blood loss can mean the difference between living long enough to get professional help or dying. It's not difficult, but to do it efficiently requires some basic supplies. Thick bandages with a wrap and pressure bar, generally called a pressure bandage or trauma bandage. It's a bandage designed to both protect the injury and apply direct pressure through a thick pad. Anything you want more than a couple gauze pads for, this is what you grab. They're about $4-8 for the usual sizes, so not something terribly expensive, and they're not hard to use. Buy an extra or two and have any older children and the adults practice a few times.

The next specialized item I suggest is quik-clot or another coagulant product. I prefer the sponge style but it depends on the nature of the injury and your training. These are available in various forms and in widely varying prices, shop around. This is NOT something you use casually, after use you definitely want to seek professional care asap. It isn't going to harm you really, but if you had to use it you need real help. The only reason to use this product is because the bleeding was too severe to handle other ways. It is used in conjunction with the other methods. For example, a major cut to the leg by a saw that has arterial bleeding might be controlled with a quik-clot sponge or two and a pressure bandage, along with pressure at the pressure point in the groin. This might give you time to have someone ELSE find and get a tourniquet in place.

On tourniquets, update your knowledge if you're last training was more than a few years ago or is still, "put it on and leave it until a pro is there". They've updated that and the new methods make it much easier to avoid permanent damage to the limb.

You probably never need the medical kit, but you probably never need fire insurance on your house either. There's no need to spend a ton of money, or even to do it all at once, just give it some thought and figure out what works for you. The government has suggested every family be prepared to manage for 3 days with absolutely no outside support. I can tell you from experience that planning for a week is much better and you want to plan for MORE than you need each day rather than what you normally use.

The new 10 year plan

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So we're supposed to be thrilled about a plan to cut spending by a lousy trillion over 10 years. That's 100 billion a year, which is about half what is spent per MONTH right now. To put it further in perspective, it still doesn't fix the increasing debt problem that's at the root of this issue, we'd still have a 600billion deficit. Not debt, that's how much we're adding to it if nothing else changed. Since this is just a plan for cuts, not talking about any new spending that will be added later, the whopping 100 billion a year reduction is likely to turn into a 200 billion a year deficit increase.

We're at the limit, balance the budget by cutting spending, raising taxes (a short term fix if there ever was one) or get out of the way and let someone else do it. Those are the options. Increasing the debt limit, when you have no plan to actually balance the budget much less reduce the debt, is like handing a stupid and self centered teenager the credit card with a really high iimit and always paying the minimum balance for them. Then when they've racked up such a huge debt it's literally impossible to pay you say, "here you go, now it's your problem." That's what we're doing to America of a few years down the road. Not even our children, but literally a few years from now. It's no longer something that can be fixed later, it's fix it now or start thinking about how you'll survive the economic death of our nation.

Terrorist Release

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Link: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/why-is-the-obama-administration-lobbying-for-the-early-release-of-a-convicted-terrorist/

How about we just release him into Saudi custody. They're pretty good at dealing with folks that try to harm the royal family, very few repeat offenders.

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